International Keepsake Doll Collection

Inspired from the birth of my beautiful daughters Victoria and Scarlett and also from the love of travelling, I wanted to design dolls that reflected many multicultural nationalities from around the world, in particular Aotearoa. Having lived and taught in Hong Kong, London, Brunei Darussalam, China, Australia and Indonesia – I wanted my girls to have an awareness that all skin colours are beautiful, global differences are divine and all cultures can be celebrated. The knitting and crochet elements of each doll is unique and everything is handmade and the eyes have been carefully stitched on a checked for safety. Indonesian and Korean acrylic / cotton blended thread has been used to create this heirloom. Because of the extensive variety of my collection (and still growing) packaging is made to complement the country and personality of each doll. All dolls clothing is interchanging making these dolls especially appealing. Custom made dolls can be arranged however there is a wait as each doll takes at least four weeks to design, make and package. My dolls are made for enjoyment, lots of love and hugs and adventures The doll is estimated 27cm from top to toe * dependant on detail.