Our Story

Raewyn Smith Designer, Teacher, Wife & Mum

International Keepsake Dolls - Inspired from the birth of my beautiful daughters Victoria and Scarlett and also from the love of travelling, I wanted to design dolls that reflected the many multicultural nationalities from around the world, in particular, Aotearoa.

Having lived and taught in Hong Kong, London, Brunei Darussalam, China, Australia and Indonesia – I wanted my girls to have an awareness that all skin colours are beautiful, global differences are divine and all cultures can be celebrated.  

Clothing Collection - My carefully selected collection is sourced from my fabulous friend Adel who lives in Nanjing, Adel is a television director by ‘trade’ however we both share a passion for children’s fashion - thankfully she organises the purchasing of items from China, Korea & Japan for me. Hair accessories - Most of my hair accessories are designed and made personally; I incorporate Te Reo Māori on the packaging to encourage the usage of New Zealand’s beautiful native language.

Some items are purchased from China and Indonesia also. It gives me great pleasure to provide gifts for children that are exquisitely unique, that has a purpose and that could be handed down to generations. I sincerely hope you enjoy my collection of goodness, I am always open to ideas and possibilities – feedback is appreciated.


Kind regards,

Raewyn Smith xx